Thursday, August 16, 2012

Georges Vacation

Last week was fucken wicked rad. North Shore Lake San Antonio is always good times, even after 34 (me 28 years) of my family making this trip. Family, homies and my hyna kicked it on the shores and got our Snookie on aka came back hella dark. 1st sober trip as well and it was way better. Not being hungover in 112 degree weather was awesome.  My family is fucken rad and we all made pure golden memories, until next year.

My pops and Uncle Steve's boats. Mommy we have toys!

The two men who I fucken adore. My BRO and Sir Pops a lot

My baby fake bruddah but we look like real siblings friend Gio

Georges sibs. They fuxs wid me for life

My little smart ass of a sister. No really she hella smart

La familia Georges

Hecho in America

Me and my hyna all 50 cent pumped up

Kids will be kids

My babe

She is family

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