Friday, July 13, 2012

Movies In The Park

Last Friday was the start of movies in the park at the Sunken Gardens. It's a really fucken great thing. You know people in Santa Barbara be sipping on that wine trying to be all educated and shit, cracking open those beers in cans and all that jazz, it all goes down that way. Snacks, blankets, chairs and homies is what's good in my hood. They're playing all the OG sci-fi black and white flicks. Good clean alternative fun for summer nights in Santa Bruta.

Me and my babe made fun of this older lesbian couple last week because they had those backpack chairs. They just looked like that organized cute/old couple. Way typical I guess you could say. Any how guess who had those chairs this time? These kids did. We're turning into that cute lesbian couple we were making fun of. Whatever.

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