Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goonie Friday

Man oh man how last Friday was something I needed. It just so happened that myself along with my homies Claudia, Gabby, Matt, Sasha, Tara and Jared had the day off, weird right? Shit has never gone down like that. Anyhow I wake up to Claudia and Gabby coming to my house to wake me up so we can go to the Boathouse for drinks and breakfast. We headed down there and shit was like way nice out. Called the home boy Matt and it was on from there. Breakfast was served kids.

We threw down there for awhile then headed down to the Press Room to watch that fucken dumb ass royal wedding. I just want you to know that when me, Claudia and Gabby get together it's nothing but good fucken times.

The Press Room is always good fucken times. A dope ass pub in Santa Barbara with rad ass bartenders. There were some muh fuckers dressed up and shit, like they were really at the wedding. Shit was interesting. Of course it wouldn't be a real wedding without people crying and leave it to drunk ass Claudia and Gabby to get that shit going. Beers flowed and Jamesone was consumed like that shit was going out of style.

From Press Room we hit up other spots. Stooped it up at Church of Skatan with tall cans and mobbed it around town like a bunch of drunken dumb ass idiots and we got the bruises and cuts to prove it.

Every now and then days like that are needed for myself. It reminds me that I can't get sucked into the daily bullshit that can sometimes suck us in. Also a BIG plus that none of us got arrested that day which we're still trying to figure out. Cheers

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