Monday, November 8, 2010

A Little Giddy

Today The Hundreds released the first half of their winter line and it's fucken delicious. I'm not saying that because they're one of my favorite brands and I've been following since 2005 but the tees, snap backs and new eras are dope. Like I almost like all of them, which happens every now and then.

I haven't really bought anything of The Hundreds in the last couple of months because I have so many fucken tees and hats from them, plus every kid you see in SB seems to be wearing the brand right now and I fucken hate that shit, but they'll stare at my tees and new eras because they're all the dope old 1's they don't have. Any how here's what I'm feeling from the line and I kid you not I'll own all of it within like 3-4 weeks. Check out more of The Hundreds at

Both the purple and black snap backs are sooooooo fucken dope it's ridiculous

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