Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yesterday was my day off and it just happened to land on the opening night for the Lakers season. So I decided to go for some beers with my friend Claudia aka hot tranny mess. We hit up Mels for the 1st time since it re opened on Carillo Street in September. The new and improved Mels Lounge was pretty fucken dope. Nice and big. They have this room that's pretty dope that's called the ''man cave'' it's basically a mini theatre with 5 flat screens on the wall, wicked sick. I know I'm not a man but this shit still made me cream in my pants.

The good thing about going there as early as we did was that there was no one at the bar so we got to talk it up with the super friendly bartender Paul. We talked sports and he got to listen to our horrible stories and jokes, lucky guy right. He also told us that in about 2 weeks they'll start serving food.

This is great because Santa Barbara really has no place to chill, eat and drink in a casual environment (state street bars don't count.) Also word on the street is that a taqueria might be opening right next door. You know if that shit goes down my ass aint' never leaving. They'll be calling me Norm in no time. I snapped some pictures of the place, so check shit out babies

Pretty dope they have the original sign up

Right through those two doors you go to thee best spot in Mels

Pretty dope set up right? You don't even need to get up for a beer. They have servers that brings you yo burrrr

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