Friday, September 3, 2010

Rebel 8

A couple of days ago Rebel 8 released their fall 2010 line of shirts. I like a lot but always gravitate towards the black and white color ways. I think it's because you can't go wrong with those 2 colors and plus they're so G. I found out about Rebel 8 a couple of years ago and the story is pretty dope. Joshy D started it back in 2003 with $500 and no investors ever, which goes to show you hard work and persistence pays off. To this day it is a well respecting and well known clothing line out of San Fransisco. If you don't know much about it check it out Here are some of the shirts I'm feeling and will sooner then later have.

I love how almost all of his shirts have that realness vato look haha, you know where I'm trying to go with this right? Well shit I don't even know if I know but fuck it. They just have that gangsta vibe. That is all

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