Monday, January 25, 2010

No H8

So I got this video from Justine and when I saw this not going to lie I shed a couple of tears. I can't find words to explain how this makes me feel. As being openly gay I strongly stand for equality for all it's a constitutional right. We will need to do more than protest to change public opinion. It's time to talk to our friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers...just like it was done in 1977. It's all about educating people on things they have no clue on. We're up against a lot but I know with time and proper tools we too can and will have the right to marry whom we please. Below is a trailer of an upcoming documentary film "8: The Mormon Proposition". Obviously, it's about Proposition 8 and the banning of gay marriage in California. Even more, it's about the Mormons that dumped millions of dollars into taking away peoples' rights. Be aware of what's going on, and don't let people feed you with bullshit. Educate yourselves

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