Thursday, September 17, 2009

The New Black

October 27, 2009 Dj Hero will drop in all video game stores and its just like Rock Band except you'd be Djing. Ok how many people do you think will want to be Djs now? I bet a good amount because check out all the kids who played Rock Band and because they score perfects on certain songs with a certain group of people they then think that they will go big and start up a band, I think it's lame and funny. I'll admit I have played Rock Band but only at my friends house drunk and they made me singer because when I'm drunk I don't give a fuck. Word. Anyhow the cool thing about Dj Hero is that DAFT PUNK will feature 11 original mixes

Imagine trying to test their Djing chops? Legit. I won't buy this I'll wait for one of my friends dumb enough to spend money on it.

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