Friday, September 4, 2009

He Spits

Alexander Spit is phucken legit hands down. The Hundreds believed enough in him to support and make his upcoming solo album ''Open 24 Hours'' happen.

He's a 20 year old San Franciscan with stale cigarette breath, a faded vintage tee and swagger like a cool ass kid. He's a former member of the San Francisco and Los Angeles based hip hop crew The Instant Messengers. I heard about him from reading The Hundreds blog (daily ritual) and they had a posting on him giving the low down on his upcoming album stating his music is engaging and relevant, inspired by the past but directed towards the future. So what did I do? Of coarse download 2 of his songs from Itunes. Serio I've been bumping them everyday since. It sounds so clean and it's so simple none of this diluted or cheap mimicry shit.

''Beat for the Street'' his 1st single off his album. Video directed by Matt Hobbs
Check him out, for reals do it! Like now! Go!

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