Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekly Breakfast Reunion

Breakfast used to be a weekly tradition for Erica and I, and we were determined to find the best place in Santa Barbara, but it's hard to try a new place when you are so used to Cajun Kitchen's simplicity. Yesterday we tried D'Angelo's Bakery on Guttierrez Street and it was diiivine. Their breads and pastries are baked fresh and they have a large selection of gourmet choices.
I ordered the 'Eggs Rose,' two poached eggs on fresh kalmata olive bread with artichoke spread. I love the taste of kalmata olives and the artichoke spread complimented it well. I actually have never had poached eggs before, but I liked!
Erica ordered 'The Classic American Breakfast,' wheat toast with fresh jam, potatoes, ham, and eggs. Judging from her plate after her meal, this was really good as well!

Their juices are fresh squeezed and the coffee was smooth and velvety. We could tell the ingredients were high quality mmmm..

Afterwards we spent the day roaming downtown, checked out a local thrift store, and bought me a wig! (I'll post pics of that later)... By 4pm we ended up at Elsie's bar and coffee shop on De La Guerra Street, and if you haven't checked this place out already, I suggest you do because it won't be around for much longer. The walls are adorned by amazing art from local artists, the couches are comfy and funky, the music is AMAZING, they have a pacman machine, and they even serve poptarts, popcorn, and other silly snack food!

What we thought would be a glass of wine and a beer, turned into four pitchers of stella! We were definetly excited, and hungry! 4pm with only breakfast in your tummy, this was not the best idea. But hey-at least they gave us some free chips!

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