Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Tradition

Another fiestas has come and gone through SB once again and this marked our 15th anniversary for my family being in the children's parade on Saturday. Our float was made back in the day by my uncles and aunts and it's done us some good over the years. We've only missed like 2-3 fiestas. It has over the years began to be a Munoz family tradition, with my aunt tina (graphic designer) making shirts for my uncles to wear and shirts for the primos and primas. My uncle Mark hooked it up with a nice sound system so we be playing all those jams you hear during fiestas. We 1st started off with like 8-10 of us on the float keep in mind I was in like 4th grade and now we have 18 plus 2 great grandkids, effin mexicans right we always roll deep. Anyhow I've graduated from sitting on the float and I now walk along side with the mommas and practice my chanting. Another successful year down. Was a great turnout. Loves me some family.

The Start of the float being put together without any of the decorations on yet

The start of putting up the bougainvillea

Little Shey Shey, we had a lot of babies on the float this year, must be something in air with all these pregnancies

The more flowers the better it looks, trust

See what I mean about the more flowers the better

The tradition continues

And just like that, we're off for that 6 block walk

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